Tips for Dancing Socially

Have a good time with these tips for dancing socially.

Personal Care:

Surprisingly, some people (mostly men) are oblivious to their odours. You can be an excellent dancer, but if you’re breath or body odour is out of control, people will remember that more than the skill of your dancing.


1) Freshen your breath right.

a) Get yourself an Orabrush and use it before you go dancing.



b) Power up your fresh breath with Peppermint Oil.

Try mixing a drop of peppermint oil with some water and swish in your mouth, then swallow.

If that’s not enough, place one drop (2 drops maximum!) of peppermint oil directly on your tongue (be careful! it’s powerful stuff!) will keep your breath fresh for an evening of dancing.

Watch this video for more interesting info and uses for peppermint oil -including a natural toothpaste recipe.


2) Body Odour

This shouldn’t have to be said… but always shower and apply some de-odourant before you go dancing. Go easy on the perfume and cologne – too much of a good thing is just as bad.


3) Clothing and Footwear:

Avoid wardrobe malfunctions and sore feet. Before you go out dancing, make sure you test out moving in your shoes and clothing. Make sure you can move nimbly in your shoes; free of any discomfort.

Wear clothing that breathes well, so you don’t overheat while dancing. Make sure you have lots of freedom of movement in your clothes as well.

Gentlemen, don’t forget to wear a belt. Ladies, make sure your dress doesn’t ride up when you start moving faster than walking speed, or has shoulder straps that can easily slide off. Ladies also remember to leave your purse at home; dancing and purses don’t go well together.

Dance shoes are different than regular dress shoes. Strongly consider investing in dance shoes that have leather suede soles, because they will give you the right amount of slip & grip on the dance floor.

Here’s a pair of ladies dance shoes with a suede sole:

Ladies Suede Sole Dance Shoes


Don’t forget to buy a suede shoe brush to scuff up the suede soles before you hit the dance floor, so you get maximum performance.

Suede sole brush



If dance shoes are too expensive for your budget, you can convert a pair of comfortable shoes into ‘dancing shoes’ by adding suede soles yourself. Checkout: Soles2Dance

Here’s an instructional video and review:


4) Smile and Have Fun!

A positive presence is always noticed. When you’re not dancing, wearing a simple smile and keeping your posture open (keep arms by your sides) is an easy way to make yourself approachable by other dancers.