Romance Tips and Skills


Tips are about making small changes with skills you already possess to produce better results in your life.

But! Beware of tips. They are often disguised as advice to learn skills.

For example: ‘For great communication, always listen before you speak.’

This is a definitely a tip, however it’s really pointing towards something much larger — developing stronger listening skills.


Romance Skills

Having a fulfilling romantic life takes a variety of communication skills (verbal and non-verbal). Although hard to admit, unfulfilling romantic lives are largely due to romantic skills that are underdeveloped and/or underused.

To develop a skill, takes three important steps:

1) Guidance from teacher/coach (who obviously knows the skill in a practical way).
2) Practical exercises.
3) Continued practice to strengthen your skill.

–> ‘Perfect Practice, Makes Perfect.’


Here’s a list of future articles that will be released on this website regarding romantic skills that effect our attractiveness:

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Reading Micro Expressions -> Discovering the truth from the fiction
Relating through the Senses -> The 3 real love languages
Being your best self -> Knowing and admitting who you are
Being Beautiful -> Love your body and adorn it well


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but our romantic skills effect who sees us as attractive.” ~Kris Stinson