Romance is a Dance

Romance, Relationships, Attraction and the
Connection to Ballroom and Social Partner Dancing

Romance is a Dance

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What if you could feel like a masterful lover and a beautiful dancer in less than 50 pages?

Follow author and salsa dance instructor Kris Stinson as he presents a clever new way to understand romance and partner dancing in Romance is a Dance.

Written in a unique mirrored format (perhaps the first of its kind), the book begins with simple concepts and builds upon them gradually. Romance is a Dance has a remarkable way of helping people understand why some relationships and dance partners have such great chemistry. The reader naturally gains new insights into how to improve their own romantic and dance life.

Fans of Dancing with the Stars and Strictly Come Dancing, will love how this book greatly enhances their viewing experience — bringing new meaning to all the subtle movements they see the dancers make. Readers will also increase their understanding of what the judges are looking for and the critiques they give to the dancers.

As an Ebook, Romance is a Dance becomes a lifelong companion — a precious resource you can quickly and easily reference for wisdom and insights when you need as a lover or dancer.


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