Salsa Dancing

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Could flirtation be anymore fun?

Salsa is an unashamedly flirtatious dance.

Five major styles represent Salsa dancing worldwide, with dancers often referring to themselves as “Salseros.” These styles can be sub-divided into two major categories: slotted dances (meaning partners dance back and forth in a line) and non-slotted dances (meaning dancers move in any direction). To make matters more confusing, each style has at least two synonymous names. Here are the slotted styles: LA style/On 1, New York Style/On 2, Puerto Rican Style/Power 2. Here are the non-slotted styles: Cuban Style/Casino, Columbian/Cali Style. Depending on your geographical region, certain styles will be more popular and sometimes you will see all five styles being danced at one social event.

If you wish to learn the Salsa, you are advised to seek out Salsa dance social events happening in your area. Salsa is a very popular dance, so it should not take much effort to discover the ongoing local dances. Watch the dancers you wish to emulate, and personally ask them who they think are good dance instructors in your area. Good dancers are quite happy to point you towards their favourite instructors, and will feel flattered you asked them.




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