Quickstep Dancing

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Loyalty, Faithfulness and Companionship.

The speed and endurance required in Quickstep dancing, make it arguably the most athletically demanding ballroom dance. For people with strong athletic endurance who want to dance to Big-Band Swing Jazz music, they should definitely check out the Quickstep.

Quickstep dancers maintain a close position embrace for the entirety of the dance and sprint across the dance floor in enthusiastic “chassés,” syncopated runs, leaps and hops, occasionally spinning together and pausing in particular spots to perform Charleston-like kicking movements, before shooting off in a new direction.

The Quickstep is part of the International Standard group of ballroom dances. If you wish to learn it, seek out your local ballroom dance studios. Experiencing the Quickstep socially (away from your local ballroom dance studios) on a regular basis will likely be a challenge.




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