Polka Dancing

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Let’s get to know each other.

The essence of Polka dancing is like a boy and girl playing a flirtatious game of tag, inspired by its playful music.

Styles of Polka dancing are differentiated by the amount of energy put into the basic step — from a shuffling step (familiar to country western dancers) to a hopping or kicking form (familiar with European cultures). The “Polka Hop,” like its name suggests, is very energetic and quite a popular style.

If you wish to learn to Polka dance, first contact your local Polish, Czech and German cultural clubs in your area and ask them about instructors who teach the dance. Ballroom dance studios, and Country Western Dance instructors can also be found teaching Polka. Opportunities to dance the Polka socially on a regular basis will depend on the cultural clubs in your area and their associated events and festivals.



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