Lindy Hop (Swing) Dancing

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The enthusiasm of a great first date.

Incubated in the Roaring Twenties prosperity, prohibition of alcohol and the Harlem Renaissance of New York City, African Americans created Big Band Swing Music and Lindy Hop dancing. Personifying happiness, Swing and Lindy Hop carried America’s optimism through the Great Depression and became a force for racial integration.

Although the Big Band era and the legendary Lindy Hoppers of the Savoy Ballroom of New York City have passed on, the infectious 1/8th note rhythmic accenting of Louis Armstrong and his collaboration with band leader/composer Fletcher Henderson, which gave birth to Swing music, continues to excite people to dance today. In the 1980s & 90s Lindy Hop experienced a rebirth and now millennial DJs are remixing the music as Electro-Swing, ushering in an enthusiastic new generation of dancers.

If you wish to learn Lindy Hop, a search online will reveal dance studios in your area that specialize in it. These same studios will likely be the ones organizing social dances on a regular basis too.




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