Kizomba Dancing

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Sexual tension at its finest.

Kizomba (pronounced key-zom-bah) which originated in Angola, is the latest partner dance to straddle the thin line between sensuous and scandalous. Created during the civil war in Angola (1975-2002), Angolans slowed down their lively partner dance known as Semba to create a sensuous close-embrace experience similar to Argentine Tango (with more hip movement).

Dancing Kizomba is growing rapidly worldwide. Fans of R&B, Hip Hop, Regaeton and Dancehall will be pleased to know that Kizomba is an excellent partner dance they can enjoy at their favourite club.

If you wish to learn Kizomba, your main objective should be to find instructors who have learned from Angolan dancers to gain an authentic understanding of the dance style. Many Bachata and Salsa dancers are discovering Kizomba and may be able to refer you to instructors they know.




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