Jive Dancing

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The enthusiasm of a great first date.

As American soldiers partied with young British females during World War II, they swept them off their feet with the highly energetic Lindy Hop swing dance. However, other British ballroom dancers resented the popularity of Lindy Hop and even thought it was ugly. Their response was to improve upon Lindy Hop and create a superior dance: Jive.

As a note of clarity, some use the word Jive to describe what is known as “Rock and Roll” dancing or “Rockabilly Dancing.” These styles are not the same as ballroom Jive, but are cousins in the family of swing dances.

Jive is part of the International Latin (formerly known as International Latin and American) group of ballroom dances. If you wish to learn it, seek out your local Ballroom Dance studios. Experiencing this dance socially (away from your local ballroom dance instruction studios) on a regular basis will likely be a challenge.




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