Hustle Dancing

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Could flirtation be anymore fun?

Bringing together the elasticity of swing, the smooth movements of Latin dancing and the large arm styling of individualized disco dancing, Hustle effectively matched the flamboyant fashion and bright-coloured lights of the 1970s Disco era clubs from which it was born. Although the original Disco era has ended, Hustle lives on because it is one of the few partner dances that can easily be danced to today’s modern dance music.

By parading the follower around with movements such as “The Diva Walk,” Hustle appeals to followers who love to strut their stuff to a thumping beat, and leaders who love to show them off.

At the same time that Hustle was developed in the United States, Disco Fox/Disco Swing was developed in Europe. Disco Fox/Disco Swing are names used interchangeably with Hustle in Europe because the dances are nearly identical in nature, although Disco Fox/Disco Swing  leaders tend to style their movements more. Naturally, you should search Disco Fox/Disco Swing to find studios that teach in your area, if you live in Europe.

If you live in North America, a search for Hustle dancing will help you find independent and ballroom dance studios that teach it in your area. Once you learn Hustle, you can dance it socially at most dance clubs, and your dance instructors will likely organize private dances as well.




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