Country Two-Step / Texas Two-Step

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Let’s get to know each other.

Country Two-Step prides itself as one of the easiest partner dances to learn due to its walking nature, simple embrace, and lack of extra techniques to learn such as “rise and fall” or special hip movement.

Iconically recognized by the shuffling aesthetic of its steps done in pairs of quicks and slows (ie: quick, quick, slow, slow) is how Country Two-Step received its name.

If you wish to learn Country Two-Step/Texas Two-Step, start by visiting your local Country Bars and ask the friendly dancers you see where they learned to Two-Step. You will likely discover that both independent and ballroom dance studios teach the dance. It’s easy to find Country Two-Step dance lessons on YouTube as well. Your opportunities to dance Country Two-Step socially will depend on the number of Country music bars in your area and the number of people who know the dance.




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