Country Swing Dancing

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The enthusiasm of a great first date.

Also known as “Pony Swing,” Country Swing originated after Lindy Hop dancing and Swing music had influenced Country Western music. Country Swing dancers appear as though they are swirling winds caught in an endless force of attraction, reminiscent of the excitement people have when they discover a mutual attraction.Country Swing is danced smoothly or as a boot-stomping hoedown. Dancers use rock steps to create a perpetual tension and release in their connection. They spring towards each other (often rotating in the same action) only to create more tension again as they stretch apart.

If you wish to learn Country Swing, you should head to your local country bar and watch the dancers there. Country Swing dancers will typically be dancing in the middle of the dance floor, while the Country Two-Step dancers circle around the edge of the dance floor. Ask the most talented ones where they learned, and they will likely be flattered and point you in the right direction. Country Swing is mostly taught by independent teachers and some ballroom dance studios. The key is to find teachers who emphasize proper footwork and frame technique, so you learn not to injure yourself or your partner.

Opportunities to dance Country Swing socially will depend on the number of country music venues in your area and the number of people who know the dance.




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