Brazilian Zouk Dancing

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The intoxicating experience of soul mates.

Brazilian Zouk breaks free from the typical forms seen in spot dances, which are purely slotted, continually circular or stationary, by moving in spontaneous directions. Leaders attentively explore the followers’ energy by creating shapes between them, using many points of contact on the follower’s frame. This creates a limitless amount of improvisational choreography for partners to enjoy. Zouk dancers play with elongated open embraces to tight embraces, rise and fall, swaying, body waves, weaving their limbs and bodies around each other, along with many circular themes, which gives it its contemporary dance aesthetic.

Brazilians have established two major styles of Zouk dancing: Rio Style Zouk (also known as Zouk Lambada) and Porto Seguro Style (also known as LambaZouk). Differences between these styles are difficult to see, given the amount of improvisation in each.

If you wish to learn Zouk, begin with an Internet search that targets your local area. Zouk is growing all around the world. Depending on where you live, you will likely find one of the two major Brazilian Zouk styles being taught. Salsa dancers may also be a knowledgeable resource to point you towards Zouk instructors close by. Once you find a Zouk instructor, you will then discover opportunities to dance Zouk socially.




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