Ballroom Tango Dancing

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Emotional angst in romance.

Romance has a dark side, and Ballroom Tango depicts the two major instances where relationships encounter emotional angst. The first instance (American-style Ballroom Tango) is when a couple is in the process of forming a new relationship, and the second (International-style Ballroom Tango) is when a couple feels like they have to work to maintain their romance.

Like a couple caught in emotional uncertainty regarding their new relationship, American-style Tango dancers move dramatically between individualized, open-position and closed-position dancing, creating the sense of longing and reluctance that comes in the process of forming a new relationship.

In the International-style Tango, dancers remain in a closed-position embrace throughout the dance — symbolizing a couple firmly committed and determined to overcome life’s obstacles together. The dance communicates angst, as the dancers rarely use eye contact, and charge together across the dance floor focused on their destinations. By using violent-looking dips, sharp directional changes, quick turns and snaps of the head, dancers effectively match themselves to the confrontational sound of the music.

If you wish to learn Ballroom Tango, you are advised to seek out your local ballroom dance studios. Watch videos of both the American and International styles of ballroom tango to decide which one you would like to learn. Experiencing these dances socially (away from your local ballroom dance instruction studios) on a regular basis will likely be a challenge.




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