Mambo (Ballroom) Dancing

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Could flirtation be anymore fun?

Ballroom Mambo today, you’ll likely think you’re watching Salsa dancing, and in a sense you are, because the original social dance known as Mambo (not the Ballroom Mambo) inspired Salsa. As well, the original social dance Mambo also inspired Cha cha cha.

From its beginnings in the late 1930s to its infamy at the Palladium Ballroom in New York City in the late 1940s and 50s, ballroom dance instructor/entrepreneur Arthur Murray carefully followed the development of Mambo. By 1949, Mambo had officially made it into the step list of the Arthur Murray Studios. Murray’s curriculum became the basis of Ballroom Mambo, which is why it is a part of the American Rhythm group of ballroom dances today.

To learn Ballroom Mambo, seek out your local ballroom dance studios. Experiencing this dance socially on a regular basis will likely be a challenge (away from ballroom dance studios).


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